Yes, you can invest with Airo starting from just RM 50, per portfolio. However, do note that this lower minimum is part of our initial launch and offered for a limited time period only. In the near future, the minimum investment amount will be reverted back to our standard amount of RM 500, per portfolio. 

We understand that some investors may prefer to fund in US dollars. We welcome USD funding, however do take note that the funds will ultimately be converted to Malaysian Ringgit (RM). As such, we highly recommend investors who are interested to fund in USD to start with at least an RM equivalent of USD 1,000 in order to reduce the impact of fees. 

In summary, the minimum/recommended investment amounts are as follows: 

A) For Ringgit funding: Minimum deposit per portfolio = RM 50 

B) For US dollar funding: 

Recommended deposit per portfolio = RM equivalent of USD 1,000 

Will this minimum change in the future? 

Yes, this minimum will increase in the future. 

The offer of RM 50 is part of our commitment to making a positive impact to Malaysians amid the global pandemic. As a Malaysian-based digital investment team, we feel that we can play a role in helping fellow Malaysians to navigate these challenging times through our experience and proprietary technology. 

The aim is to make Airo's investment solution accessible to all Malaysians starting from just RM 50. We hope you will seize this window of opportunity to try Airo and take the first step towards smarter investing to secure your future.