List of Adviser and Platform Fees & Expenses

  • Annual management fees: 0.8%* per annum (of total assets under management). Based on total assets, the firm charges a 0.8% management fee per annum on a daily accrual basis.
  • Portfolio rebalancing fees : 0%
  • Transfer fees**
  • Brokerage charges: 0.05% to a maximum of 1%* of trade value plus regulatory fees*** and withholding tax (applicable to dividends received from ETFs invested)****.

*Daily portfolio valuation is net of management fees and brokerage charges.

**Amounts transferred to and from the investor’s bank account will be net of charges imposed by the transferring institution; where applicable. However, transfer fees to and from the broker are charged at cost to the portfolios you are investing in.

***Regulatory fees

****Withholding Tax (applicable to dividends received from ETFs invested)

Exchange rate charges for inter-money exchange placements between RM and USD account at bank cost rate.