Withdrawals are processed promptly if the information you have provided is accurate. However, you may experience delays with your withdrawal due to one or more, but not limited to, the following issues:

Incorrect Banking Details

Details of the bank account provided (account number, bank name etc) is incorrect.

Incorrect Identity Card Number

Your Identity Card Number registered with Airo does not match the one with your bank account. (Should you have a different Identity Card Number registered with the bank or if you have incorrectly registered with us, kindly contact our support team to confirm)

Name Mismatch or 3rd Party Account

The receiving name of the bank account does not match your registered name with Airo. Under the Bank Negara’s rules, we are only allowed to transfer funds to the same account owner. (Should you have a different name registered with the bank - kindly write to us to request for change of name to match)

Unlisted Bank

The bank you have provided for the withdrawal request is not supported by the bank that will initiate the transfer of funds. Kindly refer here for the full list of supported banks: http:/www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=fs&pg=fs mfs list&ac=118&lang=en 

Don't think its because of any of the above issues?

Contact our support team via the following channel:

- Email support@airo.my