Deposits and Withdrawals

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Can I withdraw funds to a different bank account?
Yes, as long as the bank account is under your name and registered with the same IC/ passport number that you submitted to us. 
Wed, 3 Aug, 2022 at 3:41 PM
Can I fund my portfolio using a bank account that is not under my name?
No, you may not. Due to compliance and AML requirements, all fund transfers must come from a bank account that is held under your name. Third-party payments...
Tue, 5 Jan, 2021 at 2:45 PM
Why is my withdrawal taking so long / being delayed?
Withdrawals are processed promptly if the information you have provided is accurate. However, you may experience delays with your withdrawal due to one or m...
Tue, 25 May, 2021 at 11:44 AM
Why did the amount I withdraw differ from the amount received in my bank account?
As stated in the app when performing a withdrawal, this difference in the final amount you receive in your bank account may occur due to fluctuations in sec...
Mon, 25 Jan, 2021 at 2:27 PM
Can I transfer/switch funds from one portfolio to another?
At this time, we do not support fund transfers/switching between portfolios. However, as part of our ongoing effort to learn from our users' needs and e...
Fri, 11 Jun, 2021 at 9:45 AM
Why is the Beneficiary's Name shown as 'Pacific Trustees Berhad'?
Pacific Trustees Berhad (“PTB”) is a Client Trust Account held on behalf of CP Global Fintech Solutions Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as BH Global Fintech Solutio...
Thu, 30 Nov, 2023 at 5:40 PM
How does ‘Schedule Monthly Deposits’ work?
With our newly launched feature, you can schedule your monthly deposits in advance without having to provide the same payment information for a routine char...
Fri, 26 Jan, 2024 at 5:03 PM
What are the benefits of ‘Schedule Monthly Deposits’?
The 'Schedule Monthly Deposits' feature makes it easy to automatically add a fixed amount of funds to your portfolio on a consistent basis, as well ...
Fri, 26 Jan, 2024 at 5:04 PM
When is the deduction date for ‘Schedule Monthly Deposits’?
The deposit amount will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account on the 7th of each month, corresponding to your preferred deposit amount.
Fri, 26 Jan, 2024 at 5:05 PM
Can I cancel my recurring deposits at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your scheduled monthly deposits from your mobile app by referring to the steps below: 1. Log in to your Airo account. 2. Navigate t...
Fri, 26 Jan, 2024 at 5:05 PM